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All I Wanna Do
4-Week Online Program | Start on 14 Feb 2022 | Pilot





We Are Opening 100% Online
Dance Program for 4 Weeks!!

In this pilot program, you will learn the 15-second dance from Jay Park's "All I wanna Do" which is hot on SNS. This pilot program will start from Feb 14 (Mon) online for 4 weeks, then the official programs will be launched later that.
In this program, The participants will be watching 8 short video tutorials, which are opened every week ➔ Practicing yourself ➔ submitting individual videos in 48 hours ➔ The participants can receive an individual feedback from CHERRI for one of the missions you want!
This program is a pilot before the launch of official programs. If you have a non-Korean nationality or live out of Korea, you can join without charge!ㅤㅤ


ㅤ ◼︎ Program : All I Wanna Do (Jay Park)◼︎ Period : 4 Weeks from Feb 14 (Mon) 2022◼︎ Application : Available till Feb 13 (Sun)ㅤ ◼︎ Program

Open A Mission on every Mon/Thu (8 missions)
Complete A Mission in 48 hous (Video)
Individual Video Feedback (Once)
Live Class (at 9 PM Last Sunday, Online)

ㅤ ◼︎ Participation Fee Younger than 19 & Living in Korea ($1 for Individual, Free for two people) Older than 20 & Living in Korea ($10 for Individual, $5 for two people, Free for two people) Non-Koreans or Living out of Korea (Free)

◼︎ What to do After Applying
Paying Participation Fee : Kakao Bank | 3333161871514 | DOOOK CHOI
Join Participants Band :

ㅤ ㅤ

I Want to Know 4-week Schedule



No Stress on Scheduling
Maximized Human Interaction
100% Online Dance Program

◼︎ 8 online video tutorials on Mon & Thu
◼︎ Individual video feedback (Once)
◼︎ Live class on last Sunday
◼︎ Special scholarships for Finishers
◼︎ Special gifts for Season Talents

What are Missions Like ?



Midnight on Mon/Thu
3-second Video Mission
Complete in 48 hours!
◼︎ 8 video missions delivered over 4 weeks
◼︎ Easy and systematic 5-minute tutorials
◼︎ 3-sec choreography on each mission
◼︎ 48 hours for mission completion



How Can I Request Feedback ?



Request 1:1 Private Feedback
For One of Your Missions

◼︎ Feedback on the mission submitted (Once )
◼︎ CHERRI's private video feedback
◼︎ Additional feedback available (paid)

What is Live Class ?



Last Sunday at 9 PM
Point Lesson + Free Q&A
... and Scholarship!

◼︎ One time live lesson with CHERRI
◼︎ Last Sunday of the program at 9-10 PM
◼︎ Q&A Session with CHERRI
◼︎ Season Talent voted by participants
◼︎ Scholarship announcement

OMG! I Can Get A Scholarship ?



Don't Worry
You Just Need
to Keep Going!

◼︎ Request (Both) Complete 6+ missions within 48 hrsFull attendance for Live Class ㅤ
◼︎ Benefits (Select One) 20% discount for yourself or|100% discount for a new member







"Dancing Well is Completely
Different from Teaching It Well.
I Will Help You Find Your Dance Spirit
Based on Movement Principles"◼︎ A Dance creator from 12M YouTube Channel
◼︎ Online Dance Training (ODT) 3 seasons
◼︎ Offline dance studio for 5 years

◼︎ Online tutorials that go beyond offline
◼︎ Easy and systematic explanation for beginners
◼︎ Caring and authentic video feedback
◼︎ Point lessons for your dance level
◼︎ Active communication with participants
◼︎ K-pop lover's favorite teacher


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STUDIO CHERRI | Global Online K-pop Dance Program since 2022

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