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For you who love K-pop dance
We have opened a special program!

This is a 100% online K-pop dance 4 week program/pilot, consisting of 8 missions + 1 individual feedback + live class over 4 weeks. The pilot program is free, depending on age and place of residence.

Apply for a pilot

◼︎ Program : All I Wanna Do (Jay Park)

◼︎ Duration: 4 weeks from 2022.02.14

◼︎ Application period: Until 2022.02.13 (Sun) 24:00

◼︎ Program contents

Open every Monday/Thursday mission (8 episodes)
Mission accomplished within 48 hours (video)
Individual video feedback (1 time)
Live class (4th Sunday at 21:00, online)


◼︎ Participation Fee

Under the age of 19 in Korea (individual registration KRW 1,000, free for 2 people)

Domestic 20 years old or older (individual registration 10,000 won, 2 people 5,000 won at the same time, 3 people free)

Expatriates and foreigners (free)

◼︎ Prepare
Deposit the participation fee: Cabin | 3333161871514 | Choi Doo-ok
Dedicated band:


I want to know the full schedule

Reduce stress on your schedule
Human interaction is maximized
100% Online Dance Program

◼︎ Monday & Thursday online video tutorials

◼︎ Online video 1:1 feedback (1 time)

◼︎ Last Sunday Live Class

◼︎ Special scholarships for finishers

◼︎ Special Scholarship for Season Talent

What is the mission?



Every Monday/Thursday
3 second video mission to be released
Do it in 48 hours!

◼︎ A total of 8 video missions delivered over 4 weeks

◼︎ Easy and systematic 5-minute tutorial for mission performance

◼︎ 3 second choreography mission opens at midnight on Tuesday/Friday

◼︎ If you submit a 3-second video within 48 hours, the mission is cleared!

How do I request feedback?



for the mission I chose.
1:1 private video feedback

◼︎ Request individual feedback on the mission performed (1 time)

◼︎ Teacher Cherry's vivid video feedback

◼︎ Request additional feedback whenever necessary (paid)

What is the live class like?



Last Sunday night at 9pm
Point Lesson + Free Q&A
live live class

◼︎ Live lesson invited by Mr. Cherry

◼︎ Last Sunday of the season 9-10pm

◼︎ Resolve your questions with vivid Q&A sessions

◼︎ Season talent selected by participants

◼︎ Live class is a prerequisite for scholarship

Oh my gosh! Do you give scholarships too?



regardless of skill
to everyone who has been involved
100% Scholarship Benefit

◼︎ Scholarship conditions

Clear 6 missions within 48 hours

Last week's live class pool attendance

◼︎ Application Details (Choose 1)
20% discount for regular program participation

100% discount for new members participating in regular programs (per person)







"To be able to dance well
Teaching to dance well is completely different
based on the principle of movement

I'll find your dance sense!"

◼︎ Dance creator running 120,000 YouTube channels

◼︎ Online Dance Training (ODT) 3 seasons

◼︎ Offline dance studio operation & class progress

◼︎ Online tutorials that go beyond online classes
◼︎ Easy and systematic explanation for dance beginners

◼︎ Vivid and sincere video feedback

◼︎ Point lessons that change the level of the dance line
◼︎ Active communication with participants

◼︎ K-pop Lover's Life Dance Teacher

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