The 10th year of Smart Work Director

Strategies and practices for changing the way we work

Smart Work Bible

Agnès Legrand

Will You Change People
or The Way of Working?

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​Agnès Legrand (Doo-ok Choi)

Smart Work R&D Group

CEO of Beta Lab

Thank you for your interest in my first book.

I am a smart work director who consults on the introduction of smart work for small and medium-sized companies in Korea. While experiencing smart work in Europe and the United States, where I stayed for smart office planning in 2011, I came to know that the change in working style is not just a fad, but a megatrend of the times. After returning to Korea, he established Beta Lab , a smart work consulting company, and helped companies with smart work consulting, advice, and education together with domestic and foreign smart work experts.


Based on his IT service experience in Daum Communication, the predecessor of Kakao, and space planning experience in the space business group 'Tods', he is currently participating in projects in the fields of smart office, remote work, agile organization, and new leadership. We are also planning global conferences and online services in the field of work.


We aim for a European smart work model that emphasizes sustainability rather than the US performance-oriented model, and we are working closely with experts in the Netherlands, Germany, and France, which are developed countries of smart work. 

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Into The Book

If 2020 was a time spent adapting and surviving unexpected changes, then it is time to focus on optimizing these changes . To do that, we need to be able to paint the big picture of how our workplace will change in the post-corona era. Only then can the limited organization's resources be directed in the right direction.

Page 12 'Post-Corona, what changes will come to our workplace?' Between



Korea's only 
Guided by Smart Work Director
7 Workplace Innovation Strategies

  1. problem solving
    From replacing people to changing systems

  2. remote work
    Work base from offline to online

  3. smart office
    From a simple workspace to an efficient collaboration space

  4. Agile way
    From a planning-oriented organization to an organization optimized for change

  5. new leadership
    From commanding leader to guiding
      as a leader

  6. work competency
      try hard  From an office worker to a good professional

  7. change response
    From a stagnant company to a flowing company

1. Trouble

Will you change people or the way you work?

  • Two ways to solve the problem

  • 'Failure autopsy' to find the root cause of failure

  • The Power of Clear Goals and Agreed Principles

  • Changes in the way we work, accelerated by COVID-19

  • The meaning and practical utility of smart work

2.​ remote work

The default for work is

Is it offline or online

  • The new normal of working methods, remote work

  • The paradigm of meetings and dinners is changing

  • What you gain by abandoning the 'commuting = work' formula

  • Why remote work is difficult for domestic companies

  • Tips for running video conferencing effectively

  • interfering with remote work  Organizational culture and stereotypes

  • Common misconceptions about remote work

  • Typical trial and error and alternatives in the early days of remote work

3. Smart Office

Is the office a work space?

Is it a collaborative space?

  • When are we in the office? 
    would you start working?

  • Five trends that are changing the way you work

  • rank  not for work  company choosing a seat

  • A company where you can meet people from different departments every day

  • A company that solved the inefficiency of meetings with space


4. Agility

Is the plan adhered to?

Is it a response to change?

  • A microcosm of the way we work, the Marshmallow Challenge

  • How are kindergarten students better than MBA students?
    Would you build a tall tower?

  • H&M, Zara, and Uniqlo's secret to rising sales

  • Agile Changed Airbnb's Fortunes

  • Agile transformation of insurance companies and toy manufacturers

  • Why Domestic Companies' Adoption of Agile Fails

  • The essence and application of the Agile Mindset

  • Field-proven and realistic agile adoption plan

5. New Leadership

Is the leader a chess master?

are you a gardener

  • Chessmaster-style leadership vs. gardener leadership

  • The power of 'because' to increase execution power

  • Two ways to increase the autonomy of our team

  • Trust is a result of experience, not a mindset

  • leader of the organization  3 things to increase trust  Way

  • Good leadership is taught by the market, not the book

6.Business competency

Will you work hard alone?

  will we do well together

  • Collaboration :  The ability to chemically bond with a variety of people in a short time for a common goal.

  • Writing Skills :  The ability to structure a phenomenon or opinion in a descriptive way so that the other party can easily understand it.

  • Tool Utilization :  Ability to quickly learn the right tools at the right level and apply them to work

  • Time Management :  Ability to identify key tasks to do best and allocate time efficiently

7. Response to change

no change

not fast

  • Why We Go on Smart Walk Trips Every Year

  • Differences in perspectives on work in Korea and Europe

  • Generation MZ to lead the post-corona era

  • Keyword 'connection' between job satisfaction and performance

  • What should organizations and individuals prepare for?